Become Aware and Make the Most of the New Year

Written by on September 24, 2020

So what is awareness? I address it as “awareness”, a few individuals address it as “living consciously”, analysts call it “observing ego”. Don’t fret about the buzz words. It’s still the same matter.

It essentially means being cognizant of what’s happening around you and in your life, and measuredly selecting all your actions. Without awareness, you’ll be enduring your whole life on automatic pilot.

Let’s suppose you had to travel back and forth to work each morning. Further, let’s suppose you’d forever take the same road, get lodged in rush-hour traffic, become furious at the traffic, then get apprehensive as you’d be late for work. Then, the following day, you’d leave your home at the same time and take the same road, get lodged in traffic once more, and the whole procedure would repeat itself.

That’s a life without awareness. With awareness, after two or three times, you’d recognize that you’re forever getting lodged in traffic, and do something about it. You’d attempt taking another route, or leave sooner, pull off flexible working hours to head off the rush hour traffic, or simply acquire some audiobooks and podcasts to hear in the car and utilize your time efficiently.

Journaling is good for getting aware of your life as a whole.

It essentially means authoring a diary. This lets you recap your progress, feel great about the great matters in your life, and work out how you are able to better other bits of your life. I didn’t trust it initially, but putting things down is a crazily powerful strategy. Somehow, once you put down stuff, something shifts in your brain. You never have to study writing again. The simple act of putting it down lets it dip deep into your subconscious mind, and gets it arranged.

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