Culinary Coaching

The benefits of engaging the services of a business coach cannot be overemphasized.

Are you motivated to get into the kitchen but not sure where to start? Have you always wondered about what to eat for breakfast, brunch, dessert, brunch, lunch, supper or dinner, and are hungry for a variety of food recipes, techniques hints to make them? Perhaps, you might have been striving to find new strategies to make more meals from scratch at home but could use a few insider tips. You need not worry anymore; I could be your private chef and help you get all of your culinary needs met.

I offer personalized culinary coaching for all of my clients. I love to help my clients navigate through culinary and nutrition confusion, and also answer questions relating to nutritional timing, dietary restrictions, real food strategies, pattern revamps, and solutions for effortless meal success.

My work as a culinary coach is designed to make the kitchen a more active and exciting place to be, that magically churns out delicious meals which have are crafted to suit your lifestyle and needs, no matter how busy the day might have been for you.


With my services, you are sure of learning along the line of preparation, step by step processes of how these meals are prepared with full guidance from me.

If you are also trying to save money and time by batch cooking, but you have no idea on how to plan out a week’s worth of meals at a time, or you just want to get your family to eat your favorite meals, I am your best bet as I can be your private chef. I will help you prepare those delicious meals you will want to enjoy.

My culinary experience has been used to build and enhance client’s cooking skills while also instilling life-changing food preparation and planning knowledge at the same time.


I can also offer you one-on-one coaching sessions that will help you with any culinary puzzle or problem and help you feel even more comfortable whenever you are in the kitchen. I have spent over 25 years cooking professionally, and I am uniquely qualified to help you stock a new kitchen, show you how to turn a stack of recipes into a meal plan and shopping list, organize your existing kitchen for a better cooking flow. After publishing my START HERE: Ketogenics for Beginners book, I am also skilled in helping people who are changing over from their cooking to meet a new diet, food allergy, or culinary philosophies.

Additional benefits from choosing me, include: my participants are fully empowered to make more homemade foods in less time and also to help them enjoy their favorite meals. My clients are also able to discuss common barriers to home cooking, and also explore alternative cooking skills to help them address those barriers. I help obtain participant-centered culinary knowledge and skills, together with empowering clients, to set standard culinary goals. I also improve culinary confidence and skills and time spent in cooking, thereby helping them prepare new meals to suit their different needs.

I provide all my clients with sessions which may be held in person, via telephone, or video chat such as Face Time or Skype. To help schedule your initial consultation and planning sessions, call me today!

Phoenix Marcón – Founder [PHOENON]

Culinary Coaching


HEALTHY BOWLS ($59.00 each, 4 servings)

One bowl meals seem to be on every menu now, and we understand why. Filled with grains or noodles, veggies, and protein, one bowl meals are healthy and filling, which is a winning weeknight combo. You can throw that takeout menu in the trash. Get a all in one bowl with these options. Your weeknights just got jam-packed with one-bowl goodness. Each order is made to order using natural ingredients. Nothing frozen, always fresh. Each order will be 4 meals.

ENTREES ($59.00 each, 4 servings)

Tired of cooking, earting out or ripping off that celophane on your frozen dinners Try any one of these incredibly delicious entrees this week.  Each one is packed with just the right amount of proteins and vegetables to feed your hunger. All are made to order using natural ingredients. Nothing frozen, always fresh. Each order will be 4 meals.

DESSERTS ($59.00 each, 6 servings)

Ending the day without dessert is actually illegal in some parts of the world! Why not try one of these delectible desserts? If you have a craving for something you do not see here, send us a message and we may just be able to whip up something special for you. All are made to order using natural ingredients. Nothing frozen, always fresh. Each dessert order is 6 servings.


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