Picking the right number and variety of meals is very important in meal prep.

At Marcón Meals (a division of PHOENON), I believe meal preparation involves preparing whole meals or dishes ahead of schedule. Usually, it is trendy among busy people because it helps to save a lot of time.

I always encourage my clients to have pre-prepared meals as this helps reduce portion size and also help to reach nutrition goals because it requires you to plan what to eat ahead of time, meal prep can lead to having more nutritious meal choices overtime.

I help clients work out two major meal prep options. Meal prep for regular clients and also meal prep for clients who are concerned with eating only healthy meals. Clients are always welcome to choose what option works best for them.


I assist clients make meal plans, so they do not have to worry about what to cook or what to eat. I can pick all the recipes to be used for cooking for the week. I also help put together a grocery shopping list. I usually suggest to my clients to start with 2 to 3 recipes per week as it takes a lot of time to cook different meals especially when you are just starting out.

A busy day or schedule is a major reason people choose quick meals, which are most times calorie-laden and contribute to increasing waistlines. Wouldn’t you love a different scenario where within few minutes of getting home from work you already have a delicious home-cooked meal set on the dinner table or lunch made and packed up for the next day. Amidst hectic work days, meal prep is an important tool to help keep on the right track of healthy eating.

I also help my clients accomplish health goals regarding food. There really is no one correct method as regards this because it varies based on your food preferences, personal goals, cooking ability, schedules and eating habits.


With my meal prep services, clients are also sure of saving money, getting help with weight control as the ingredients and portions served are decided upon. I also help to reduce stress as last-minute decisions about what to eat is avoided and there is no unnecessary rush in preparation of meals.

Because picking the right number and variety of meals is very important in meal prep. I work with my clients to pick the right meals to be prepared which usually depends on your individual routine and needs. Variety is also very important to consider as it provides the body with the minerals, vitamins and other beneficial compounds it needs to perform at utmost capacity.

I offer tips to apply to help cut down on cooking time. In my years of offering meal prep services, I have come to understand that very few people look forward to spending hours in the kitchen while preparing a meal. This is very normal since the key incentive for meal preparation is reduced cooking time.

In reducing preparation and cook times, I ensure to stick to a consistent schedule, pick the right combination of recipes, organize your prep and cook times, draw out a shopping list, pick the right storage containers amongst many others. As I mentioned earlier, the major incentive for preparation of meal is to have reduced cooking time which I help all of my clients achieve.

Phoenix Marcón – Founder [PHOENON]



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