Health, Fitness and Coaching is a very incredibly powerful combination.

My health and fitness coaching service is comprised of a vast range of coaching that fits into any category. It includes wellness coaching, performance coaching, lifestyle coaching, fitness coaching, and on and on. I, however, have specific areas of expertise like fitness and weight loss, and as a coach, I have a designation or certification that is specific to coaching.

I am a personal trainer who has worked in that line for over a decade before I became a coach. I have married my knowledge and experience from my personal training days and transformed them into a health and fitness coaching practice.


No matter the style of Health and Fitness Coaching, it is safe to say the majority of the techniques help to transform your relationship to your body. Your mental and physical habits also become very supportive. It helps you be in charge of your food, health, and fitness instead of being powerless to them. It also helps you study and know-how to take care of yourself amidst the circumstances of your life. You know how to create and connect to your body and your mind that leaves you feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and balanced.

There are several benefits of Health and Fitness Coaching that I offer. My particular style of coaching has clients going from feeling like they can never stick to a plan because they are too busy, too old, or too out of shape to being motivated, feeling in control, hopeful and also empowered.

My Health and Fitness Coaching also provides specific tools to achieve weight loss, time management, health, and fitness goals. The significant difference between a health and fitness consultant and me is that I always come up with a plan based on your specific wants, what is happening in the rest of your life and also what you are ready for. I extract all these answers through my coaching conversations with my clients.


Ordinarily, a fitness and health consultant, without coaching will only tell you what to do, they might give you a solid plan of what works based on evidence and facts, though this might work, however, generally people do not stick to them, or they are not sustainable in the long run. As I mentioned, I have been a trainer for several years before becoming certified as a coach. Even before becoming a coach, I have helped about 60% of my clients achieve their goals. Now, 100% of my clients can achieve their goals. As a trainer, I did not have the skills to ask the right questions that would get to the heart of the matter, thereby creating the change I wanted. I also did not have permission from our clients to go there.

Health, Fitness and Coaching is a very incredibly powerful combination. If you are ready for a change, then this is the avenue for you.

Here, I already know what the problem is: There are too many people who are unhealthy, some are obese, some are suffering from diabetes or hypertension, some do not just exercise. And the funny thing about this is that it’s not necessarily that people do not want to become healthy. Most times, they do, and will often try different food plans or exercise strategies. The major problem is that these solutions do not stick and at the end, people become feeling frustrated and alone.

With my expertise in this field, I have been helping unhealthy people go from wanting to do something to actually getting it done. I have coaching certifications which involve a trio of skills, in physical conditioning that can correctly help those struggling with poor health achieve better.

Phoenix Marcón – Founder [PHOENON]



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