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Why do you need a small business coach? Whether your business is thriving or struggling to get off the ground, things could always be better. The right small business coach could give you that boost to get your company onto a successful growth path. Even if you have a great product and a good market, a small business coach can help you in ways you might not even realize.









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Offering Guidance: An experienced small business coach can help you identify strengths and weaknesses — then enhance and minimize them, respectively — set attainable short and long-term goals, strategize on how you’ll meet them and sort out your priorities.


Providing Encouragement: A small business coach can help you identify advantages to your business you may not be recognizing, discover personal motivators and act as a sounding board for feelings and ideas you’re not ready to share with partners or employees.


Staying Objective: An outside look at your business can help you look at things in a fresh light, provide you with invaluable feedback and hold you accountable for your actions or lack thereof.

$150 per hour










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