Now, I see life positively from a different perspective.

Nina W. – Plano, Texas

I honestly was expecting a session where Phoenix would advise me directions to take to make my life happy. Instead, he taught me how to choose my directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate.

Before I got in contact with Phoenix Marcón as a life coach, I used to have many questions bothering me, I used to feel lost many times and confused with no idea of why things around me were happening. Phoenix was fantastic, very empathic and also very professional. My sessions with him helped me truly move forward with life. He has a versatile toolbox that can help anyone gain clarity, make a significant change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.

He helped me weigh all my options, and we narrowed in on my strengths and core values to ensure that I incorporated these into my decisions as well. He also helped me with my resume, and within one day of tweaking it and applying for a new job, I was immediately asked to come in for an interview, and offered the job the next day!

One particularly impactful session, Phoenix walked me through a visualization exercise in which I was able to see myself in 6 months, and that gave me a lot of understanding on what I need to do, and how I was going to accomplish my goals.

Now, I see life positively from a different perspective, I have a great job, and I am living happily, all thanks to Phoenix Marcón. Thank you for this life-changing impact. I am forever grateful to you.

Nina W. – Plano, Texas


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