Now, I sleep on average, 7 hours a night and feel so much better.

Jennifer A. – Frisco, Texas

Phoenix Marcón has really helped me with many things. One, in particular, has helped improve my sleep habits. Before I used to never get enough sleep, with poor discipline around going to bed early, and then I would struggle with feeling tired the next day while I was at work. Now, I sleep on average, 7 hours a night and feel so much better.

He has helped me understand why good rest is essential to me, helped me develop new strategies to go to bed earlier and deal with my resistance, and also helped me put structures in place to achieve it.

Phoenix is a real health coach, and for the past year, he has been like a brother to me. He has helped me eat right and set me on the right path. He makes me happy because he listens and understands. He has also given me great tips like writing down what I eat, and he encourages me always to take my time.

Many times, we talk a lot about what foods I like that are healthy, and he has recommended documentaries that also inspire me to eat better. He is an amazing beautiful patient human being. He is an excellent coach who listens well, is understanding, cares, asks excellent questions to get you thinking and keep moving forward, and also helps you break down goals into small, doable steps.

Phoenix provides me with support and accountability towards making small, positive changes, and he helps me to handle things better. He has improved my life, and that’s priceless.

Jennifer A. – Frisco, Texas


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