Phoenix instills confidence in the writers he mentors.

Cindy L. – Dallas, Texas

I have taken quite a few courses, from the Toronto Board of Education, University of Toronto and Ryerson University Continuing Education Schools and I can say that Phoenix has been far and away the best writing instructor and coach that I have ever had. While I was working on my first book, I had him guide me, it was so good, and in many ways better than taking a course. His comments were insightful, and he was open to discussing any of the issues that arose through the writing process. I have learned a lot from Phoenix, his love for writing is inspiring, and his encouragement always makes it a pleasure to talk to him at any time.

Phoenix’s practical advice and common sense approach to writing, editing, and publishing have been invaluable. Writers are emotionally invested in their work – that’s normal and to be expected – but Phoenix helped me see that approaching agents and editors do not have to be an emotional roller coaster ride. Phoenix instills confidence in the writers he mentors. He is encouraging but honest in His comments, always keeping the big picture in mind. More than anything, he wants you to succeed and to find the fulfillment you seek as an artist.

Phoenix was engaged in my project from day one, and he never flagged in His enthusiasm and sincere consideration for my work. So many times I would read a comment or idea from him and wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ He gives constructive criticism but offers it in supportive and helpful terms. My work is more polished and has greater depth thanks to him. I cannot recommend Phoenix’s services highly enough, and it’s partly due to his timely and insightful feedback that I was able to secure my dream agent!

His teaching style is straight-up, fact-filled, enriching, joyful and thorough. This energetic and generous author is passionate about his craft; His enthusiasm is infectious. I do not know how he does it, but his style of communication imparts confidence to the reader/student. He assumes that you are already a dedicated writer and tells you how to hone your craft. He takes the journey with you on your road to publication with his publishing company; Marcón Press. He is honest, he is human, and he wants you to succeed.

Cindy L. – Dallas, Texas


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